Maximize Your Matterport Investment

Multiple Spaces & Long-Term Hosting Needs

Why Self-Host?

Choosing Self Hosted Matterport enables you to showcase your properties and various locations online. Experience cost-effective, flexible hosting solutions crafted to accommodate your unique requirements, whether you’re a home builder or a business with numerous locations. By opting for self-hosting, you gain direct control over your virtual tours, resulting in significant cost savings.

Key Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Save on hosting fees by subscribing to Matterport’s Starter plan, which allows you to host up to 5 spaces for just $9.99 per month or $119.88 per year, compared to the $100 per year per space with Managed Hosting.
  • Long-Term Hosting: Ideal for clients who plan to showcase their scanned spaces online for an extended period, such as 3-5 years or even indefinitely.
  • Complete Control: Manage and organize your scanned spaces with ease, without relying on a third party for hosting. You can make updates and changes as needed, giving you full control over your virtual tours.
  • Scalable Solution: Expand your hosting capacity as your business grows by upgrading to another Matterport plan, ensuring seamless integration with your increasing needs.

Is Self-Hosting Right for Me?

Self-hosting may be the perfect solution if you:

  • Have multiple scanned spaces to showcase: If you’re a business with multiple locations, self-hosting allows you to manage and display all your virtual tours under one account.
  • Plan to host your spaces for an extended period: Self-hosting is a more cost-effective solution for those looking to keep their virtual tours online for longer durations.
  • Want a scalable solution that can grow with your business: As your business expands, self-hosting offers the flexibility to upgrade your Matterport plan and accommodate more scanned spaces.

Self-Hosting Simplified

Maximize your Matterport investment by opting for self-hosting tailored for your commercial needs. Combining cost-effectiveness, long-term hosting capabilities, complete control, and scalability, self-hosting emerges as an exceptional choice for businesses managing multiple spaces and requiring long-term hosting.

¹ Matterport Starter Plan with 5 Active Spaces