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AirBNB Photography


• A Fixed Set of 25 High-Quality Images

• Custom Shot List Tailored for Short Term Rentals

• Enhanced Editing for Added Appeal

• Standard Next Day Delivery

Elevating Airbnb Photos

Our specialized short term rental photography expertise is finely tuned to accentuate the unique charm and character of your Airbnb, ensuring each image resonates with potential guests. We pride ourselves on consistency in quality and style, where our skilled photographers artfully capture your property’s best features, transforming mere images into compelling visual narratives. Committed to rapid, reliable service, we guarantee a swift turnaround, ensuring your professionally captured photos are ready for immediate marketing use, setting a new standard for Airbnb photography.

Showcasing Every Detail

Highlight the charm of your short term rental through Rocket City Photo’s expert lens, where we craft a visual narrative with exactly 25 photos, blending wide, medium, and close-up shots. Our approach meticulously covers every corner, from spacious living areas to intricate details like cozy nooks and well-appointed kitchens. We focus on unique elements – welcome baskets, plush linens, and inviting spaces – to ensure each Airbnb photo not only showcases your property but tells its unique story, making your listing stand out and inviting guests to envision their perfect stay. For a glimpse into how we make each space shine, explore our sample gallery.


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Capture the Unique Charm of Your Short Term Rental

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare my property for the photoshoot?
  • To ensure your Airbnb listing shines in photos, prepare your property as if welcoming guests. Keep it spotless and well-organized, infusing warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. Accentuate key aspects with inviting touches like a neatly set dining table, plush pillows, and distinctive amenities. Pay attention to small details, such as the arrangement of toiletries and magazines, as they enhance visual appeal and help potential guests picture their stay, thereby elevating your listing’s charm.
What does the Airbnb photography service include?
    • Our Airbnb photography service provides a set of 25 professionally curated photos, thoughtfully composed to include a diverse mix of wide, medium, and close-up shots. This approach ensures a comprehensive showcase of your property, from its overall ambiance to the finest details. We adhere to a carefully designed shot list, tailored to deliver consistent and complete coverage, perfectly balancing detailed visuals with broader perspectives of your space. To see examples of our work, explore our Airbnb Sample Gallery.
    What happens if I need more than 25 photos?
    • Our tailored Airbnb photography service includes a precisely curated set of 25 photos, meticulously planned to cover every key aspect of your property. This quantity is carefully chosen as the ideal number to fully showcase Airbnb listings, capturing a complete and engaging visual story. We ensure that these 25 images comprehensively highlight your property’s unique qualities and features, making additional photos unnecessary. However, should your specific needs require more than the standard set, we can provide extra images at $25 per photo. During booking, we’ll discuss and align our services with your property’s characteristics, ensuring a thorough and captivating presentation in every shot.
    How long does a short term rental photo session take?
    • The duration of our Airbnb photography sessions typically ranges between 45 to 90 minutes, varying based on the size and specifics of each property. To ensure we comprehensively capture the essence and details of your space, we recommend setting aside at least 90 minutes for the session. This timeframe allows our photographers to meticulously cover every area, from wide-angle views to close-up details, ensuring no feature is overlooked. By allocating this time, you help us maintain our commitment to quality and detail, ensuring that your property is presented in the best possible light in each photo.