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 Certified Home Measurers

At Rocket City Photo, our certified home measurers undertake comprehensive training to ensure precise measurements of residential real estate, strictly adhering to the ANSI Z765 standards. Precision is paramount to us. We meticulously measure each section of the home to ascertain the gross living area and other unfinished spaces, facilitating precise market adjustments in accordance with Fannie Mae’s Standardized Property Measuring Guidelines.

Why Certified Measurements Matter

Accurate floor plans and square footage calculations aren’t just about ensuring a property’s dimensions are correctly represented. These essential tools empower real estate professionals to price properties competitively, equip buyers with the information they need to make informed decisions, and ensure appraisals match property specifications.


Fannie Mae Standards

Appraisers are now mandated to use the ANSI Z765 Square Footage-Method to measure, calculate, and report square footage for determining gross living areas and non-GLA areas of residential properties. With property valuations closely tied to square footage, our certified measurement service becomes an indispensable part of your real estate toolkit. Our standardized, computer-generated floor plans lend confidence to consumers and equip real estate agents with insights to better anticipate appraisal results.

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